Strength & Honor

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About the Author

Photos courtesy of Terry Garlock
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Terry Garlock lives with his wife, Julie, and daughters, Melanie and Kristen, in Peachtree City, Georgia. In the Vietnam War, Terry was a Cobra helicopter gunship pilot. On December 17, 1969, he and Ron Hefner were shot down in a firefight. Ron was severely injured, Terry was disabled, trapped in the wreckage with a broken back, paralyzed legs and the enemy nearby. Two fellow pilots, John Synowsky and Graham Stevens, risked their neck by landing to help Ron and Terry, and received the Soldier's Medal for saving lives that day. Among the awards Terry received in Vietnam were the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. In 1971 Terry left the Army and put Vietnam behind him. When he had children late in life and considered the twisted version of that war they would read in their schoolbooks, he decided it was time he did his part to make sure the truth is told. This book is the result of his efforts.

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